Why Hire US as your Photographers?

Let Us share with you about this

When you choose us as your photographers, you're not just hiring a service - you're inviting a personal touch into capturing your moments.

We believe in building connections and understanding the unique essence of each person. We like to believe that our photography goes beyond the lens: it's about creating a comfortable and friendly space where you can be yourself. By choosing us, you're choosing partners to work with in the experience, allowing us to know more about stories, styles, and personalities, ensuring that all the photos come with a genuine unique moment.

This is our process:

I. Book the date

Select the day and time that suits your needs. Also, the type of package that you are interested in.

If the date you have in mind is not available, I invite you to contact the following email to find out more details about possible availability: connect@nedithfaro.com

II. Zoom Meeting!

Let's schedule a Zoom meeting and get to know each other if you think necessary. Some people prefer emails, and it works well for us. Just remember. The sooner, the better.

III. Taking Photos

This is the best part. It's about having fun and experimenting.

In a world that is constantly moving forward, it is very important to pause and appreciate the beautiful moment that makes life truly special.

IV. Deliver memories.

We deliver your personal Online Gallery. All those funny, emotional, intimate, sweet, personal, best moments directly to you throw a private email.

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